Technical Resources

The following articles provide basic technical information which does not require technical skills or special tools. However, we always recommend that you consult a professional mechanic so as to avoid damaging the equipment or injury.

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  1. Tips for safely installing piston ringsWhen installing piston rings, the material and direction of each piston ring with relevance to the piston head is important; otherwise the engine will not operate correctly, while severe damage may occur after long-term usage. Piston rings having a "TOP" mark or dot on the side of the piston ...
  2. How to find the size of a piston ringThe OEM part number uniquely identifies a spare part. So, when you search for any spare part, you typically need to know its OEM part number; otherwise you risk of buying the wrong item. Finding the OEM part number of a spare part is not always easy. Normally, you need to have the illustrated ...
  3. Inches to Millimeters Conversion TableUse the below table to convert inches to millimeters.
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